Chin break handler

Chin break handler

Plugin information

Version 2.2.0 (Updated )

Product information

Chin break handler is a plugin that will automatically schedule and take breaks. You can configure how often a break should be taken and what the duration of the break should be. Either configure it to "AFK" or to logout and log back in after the break is over. You can use this in combination with the "chin bank pin" plugin.


  • Schedule breaks for your plugins
  • Support for the profiles plugin
  • Logout or 'AFK'

Product details

Getting started

  1. IMPORTANT: add your account in the accounts tab.
  2. Enable the plugin you want to take breaks with.
  3. Configure how long to run before breaking.
  4. Configure how long to break for.
  5. You can choose to let your player AFK, or log out for a break.
  6. The panel will count down to the next break.
  7. When breaking it will show you how long left on the current break.

Getting support!

  • If you discover any bugs, please post them in the following Discord channel, including as much information as possible #💥│bugs
  • If you are unsure how to use the plugin, please post in the following Discord channel #💬│support