Chin curse alch

Chin curse alch

Plugin information

Version 4.3.0 (Updated )

Product information

€ 5,00 / 30 days

Chin curse alch is a plugin that automatically casts curse spells and alchs for you. Pick which curse spells you would like to use and either high or low alch. After that select the target NPC you would like to use the curse spell on. By enabling the "automatically logout" option the plugin will logout when you run out of runes, alch items or when your the targeted NPC is not visible. Automatic breaks are supported if you install the "Chin break handler" plugin.


  • Supports all curse spells
  • High and low alch
  • Automatic breaks

Product details



  • 37 Construction will unlock the Elemental Balance in your Player Owned House, this will allow you to use this plugin with no disturbance from other players.

Supported curse spells

Supported alchemy spells

Getting started

  1. Once you've received your access token, enter this within the settings panel of the Chin curse alch plugin.
  2. Configure your delays, if you are unsure on what custom delays to use, leave these at the default settings.
  3. Ensure you have the required runes in your inventory and relevant equipment equipped for the spells you would like cast.
  4. Ensure your magic attack bonus is negative (-) 64, this will ensure you splash the spell.
  5. Open the Chin manager side panel.
  6. Select the plugin(s) you would like to start.
  7. Click the start button.
  8. Select the object/npc you would like to cast your spells on, and additionally the item you would like to alch.

Getting support!

  • If you discover any bugs, please post them in the following Discord channel, including as much information as possible #💥│bugs
  • If you are unsure how to use the plugin, please post in the following Discord channel #💬│support