Chin daeyalt

Chin daeyalt

Plugin information

Version 1.1.0 (Updated )

Product information

Chin daeyalt is a plugin that'll automatically mine daeyalt essence for you. Automatic breaks are supported if you install the "Chin break handler" plugin.


  • Automatic breaks
  • Mines daeyalt

Product details


Getting started

  1. Configure your delays, if you are unsure on what custom delays to use, leave these at the default settings.
  2. Add a Hotkey toggle (any key is fine).
  3. Start the plugin by hitting your nominated hotkey.

Getting support!

  • If you discover any bugs, please post them in the following Discord channel, including as much information as possible #💥│bugs
  • If you are unsure how to use the plugin, please post in the following Discord channel #💬│support