Chin farm run

Chin farm run

Plugin information

Version 4.4.4 (Updated )

Product information

€ 10,00 / 30 days

Chin farm run is a plugin that will automatically do farm runs for you. It supports the Bottomless compost bucket or fetching any kind of compost from the leprechaun and all the teleports you could ever need.


  • All herb / allotment / flower seeds
  • Bushes and cacti
  • Supports bottomless compost bucket
  • All patches

Product details

Required items

Supported items

Supported teleports

  • Teleport to house
  • Falador
  • Varrock
  • Camelot
  • Catherby
  • Ardougne
  • Ardougne cloak
  • Draynor manor
  • Salve graveyard
  • Kharyrll
  • Explorer's ring
  • Icy basalt
  • Stony basalt
  • Ring of dueling
  • Glory
  • Combat bracelet
  • Ring of wealth
  • Skills necklace
  • Xeric's talisman
  • Fairy ring
  • Spirit tree
  • PoH teleport portal
  • PoH nexus
  • PoH mounted glory
  • PoH mounted xeric's talisman
  • PoH jewellery box
  • Farming skill cape
  • Construction skill cape
  • Max cape

Supported patches

  • Falador
  • Port Phasmatys
  • Catherby
  • Ardougne
  • Hosidius
  • Priffdinas
  • Harmony Island
  • Troll Stronghold
  • Weiss
  • Farming guild
  • Ardougne monastery
  • Champions' Guild
  • Etceteria
  • Rimmington
  • Al kharid
  • Draynor manor
  • Canifis

Getting started

  1. Once you've received your access token, enter this within the settings panel of the Chin farm run plugin.
  2. Configure your delays, if you are unsure on what custom delays to use, leave these at the default settings.
  3. Configure what patches you would like to use, the method of getting there and the seeds you would like to use
  4. Place your character at any bank.
  5. Open the Chin manager side panel.
  6. Select the plugin(s) you would like to start.
  7. Click the start button.

Getting support!

  • If you discover any bugs, please post them in the following Discord channel, including as much information as possible #💥│bugs
  • If you are unsure how to use the plugin, please post in the following Discord channel #💬│support