Chin MTA

Chin MTA

Plugin information

Version 3.3.0 (Updated )

Product information

€ 5,00 / 30 days

Chin MTA is a plugin that'll automatically gather MTA points for you. It has support for all the 4 rooms inside MTA. Simply configure the amount of points you want to gather for every room and select which staff you would like to wield for every room and start the plugin. Automatic breaks can be configured in the "Chin manager" plugin.


  • Supports all rooms
  • Automatic breaks
  • All staves supported
  • Banking support

Product details

Supported Potions


Getting started

  1. Once you've received your access token, enter this within the settings panel of the Chin MTA plugin.
  2. Configure your delays, if you are unsure on what custom delays to use, leave these at the default settings.
  3. Ensure you have the required runes/items in your inventory/bank and that your character is at the Duel Arena bank or in the Mage Training Arena lobby.
  4. Enable the rooms that you would like to complete by ticking the relevant box(es).
  5. Set the amount of points you would like to stop at using the slider bar(s).
  6. Select the staff that you intend to use, ensure this is equipped, in your inventory or can be located within your bank.
  7. Open the Chin manager side panel.
  8. Select the plugin(s) you would like to start.
  9. Click the start button.

Getting support!

  • If you discover any bugs, please post them in the following Discord channel, including as much information as possible #💥│bugs
  • If you are unsure how to use the plugin, please post in the following Discord channel #💬│support