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Hydra zeah runecrafting

Hydra zeah runecrafting

Plugin information

Product information

€ 115,00 / lifetime

Hydra zeah runecrafting is a plugin that will automatically do blood / soul runecrafting for you. It's a slow, but very profitable way to train your rune crafting level. The plugin supports the blood essence item, which is dropped by certain NPCs in the Ancient Prison. Regular accounts can buy it from the grand exchange,  it's highly recommended to use it if you have access to this item since it offers a 50% chance to craft an extra blood rune per dark essence. The plugins works with any agility level, however the xp / hour and profit will be terrible if you don't have at least the recommended levels.


  • Any agility level
  • Blood essence support

Product details

Required Equipment



  • Level 49+ agility for soul runes (69+ ideally)
  • Level 73+ agility for blood runes

Getting support!

  • Instruction will be provided on checkout!